Full Care Horse Boarding

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Our private facility caters to the adult rider who wants to enjoy independent riding or a low pressure riding program. They will meet a great group of people who share their love for horses. We have relaxed barn hours so it's not uncommon for riders to ride early in the morning, shower and head to work. Others may ride after work or even at 10 p.m. Riders stay informed on barn news through "The Scoop". These email updates keep riders updated weather, lessons, future vet visits, etc. Board includes hay, grain, vitamins, turn out, blanketing, daily stall cleaning and much more.

Riders find calm and happy horses when they ride at Shadysprings. Each horse is turned out daily in its own individual paddock with shed or pasture for long periods outside. Hay is fed 3 times a day, grain fed twice daily along with your supplements and our vitamins. Blanketing options are available. Restroom, viewing room and tack rooms are heated for your comfort as well.

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Lee Jorgensen, Trainer & Lessons

Read the Biography Of Lee Jorgensen printed in Flying Changes Magazine  


Shadysprings is privlaged to have such an accomplished trainer as Lee Jorgensen to assist riders and horses. She helps you to achieve your riding goals, instead of just fitting you into her riding program. Services provided include training, private and group lessons and assisting riders at local horse shows. Whether your goal is the show ring or just improving your skills, Lee will help you with her knowledge and supportive tone.

Lee works with horse and riders of all levels. Full and half lease horses available. Haul in lessons or training can be scheduled. Be sure to read about Lee's story and knowledge she can share.

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Crossroads & Other Trainers


Shadysprings host other clinicians to provide new learning experiences. From dressage, jumping to natural horsemanship, clinics are a great opportunity to sharpen your skills or improve your relationship with your horse. Kevin Freeman, Holly Johns, and Dave Williams are some of the trainers who have worked with riders at our barn. Boarders can schedule other outside trainers when arranged with management.

In residence at Shadysprings. Courtney Reid (Crossroads Training) worked for Columbia Equine Hospital for several years. She assists us in emergency situations and has worked closely with our veterinarians.

Courtney can also work with rider or horse from the beginner to A level horse shows. Courtney's clients often travel to shows in the Zone 9/ A circuit.

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Directions To Farm

Once you turn left onto Rock Creek Rd, you will go 1/4 of a mile and turn left at end of round wood rail fence.


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Reasonablly priced lessons, training & board for the horse owner wanting great service. Come Visit & take a tour or watch a lesson.

Address: 16218 NW Rock Creek Rd. Portland, 97231
Barn: 503-621-6932
Mobile: 503-799-7082
E-mail: ssfarm@me.com

Contact Trainers

Lee Jorgensen: Hunter/ Jumper/ Equitation

Phone: (360) 904-8626
E-mail: fairwindfarms@gmail.com

Courtney Reid: Hunter/ Jumper/ Equitation

Phone: ((503) 314-4708
E-mail: creid.crossroads@gmail.com