Gutters & Down Spouts

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By diverting water from your roofs you can keep your barns drier along with you winter paddocks. Make sure you divert your water away from buidlings and paddocks. Watch the "Mud & Manure Talk" for much more information

Mud is water and organic material. If you remove either, you do not have mud. By diverting water you can help decrease mud where your horses are located.

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Divert Water


There are several ways to divert water. Some options are culverts, drainage ditches, gutters & down spouts, bio-swales and installing drain tiles underground to lower the water table.

I like ditches to move water away from my paddocks because water is still diverted during heavy rainfall. Water may not penetrate into a drain field during high rainfall.

Watch the mud and manure talk for more information:

Fence Off Streams & Add Vegetation


Our streams our healthy with native trees and vegetation growing along the stream. We fence off our pastures from the stream and leave a wide buffer (reparian area) that helps keep the stream cool and absorbs or slows any nutrients or sediment from entering the stream.

Not only do we have healthy horses and pastures but we have healthy streams for fish and other wildlife.

Don't forget cross fencing as well as fencing off drainage ditches. We are currently working with our SWCD to plant native vegetation along our steams.

Learn about other fencing suggestions:

Compost Manure


Shadysprings has a 36' x 36' building that we compost our manure and shavings in. Getting rid of horse manure and bedding can always be an issue. We compost ours and have someone who sells it every spring and fall.

For the bacteria to breakdown your manure and bedding, you need moisture, oxygen, nitrogen (manure) and carbon (bedding).

You have the right moisture if you can just squeeze a few drops of water out of a hanful of compost. Your compost will get to !30 degrees which kills parasites, fly eggs and weed seeds.

More Info in the Mud & Manure Talk:

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